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Post by Will- on Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:50 pm

Since I have been back, I see this conquest stuff all the time. I really do not like that darned notification everywhere I go and find that doing the silly conquest goals to be a great way to turn a fun and enjoyable game into work. So, how does it work? Do I have to PvP to do conquests? I need to complete the entire weeks missions to get one crafting mat to make one item, or I can do Operations to get crafting mats, and I would love to do them... but then I wouldn't need to craft; would I? And if I want to purchase the mats, they only cost 10 times the cost of buying the item I was going to craft. Can you say GOLD FARMERS... did Bioware do this to make a living for them?

Since I have been back, I really do not care for the PvP, and this Conquest foolishness. It isn't the strength of the game, but it does appear to be more than personal, but something that helps the guild.
With that in mind, I should at least give the guild a chance to explain it, and let me know why I need to do it... guild benefits? (besides your name on that annoying banner)

Next post, we need to start operations or flashpoint groups on both sides and grow as a team. Let's get together and start using Ventrillo and get to know who we have to do the different jobs. For the last ten years I have mainly been a raid healer (one of the top healers in WoW ) and occasionally a tank. I would love to sit back and whack stuff, but I can do as needed.

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Re: Conquests?

Post by Rauni/Ruumi on Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:22 am

Yeah, the conquests can be a bit of a pain in the arse, or they can be run through quickly depending on where the conquest is happening.

So in your game menu, up the top is the triangle symbol for the mission log.

You click on it, then up the top are game tabs, one will say conquest.

Click it, and a bunch of things you can do to get conquest points will come up. Each of these will have an allocated number of points. I.e. 2k points, 1k points. Take note that some are repeatable daily, others are a once off. The higher the amount of points, the more likely it is to be a once off. Hover your mouse over each one to find what they are.

On the bottom right you'll see personal rewards. If you get 35k points, you receive those rewards. (Gathering lockbox, 25k credit certificate) etc. {Note, at current time of invasion as I type this it's only 20k points}

If the guild ranks in the top ten, every character who has got their 35k points gets an extra bonus, (another lockbox, 50k cert, jawa scrap) plus a flagship plans schematic for the guild flagship, this will help us unlock other sections.

So if you have one character that you run through it, it's usually pretty easy and pretty quick to get the 35k. Can be done in about 2 hours.

When you have lots of characters and you're trying to get the guild score up to be in the top 10 rank, THAT is when it becomes tedious. Wink

Note that it is purely voluntary to join on guild conquests, nobody should feel like it is compulsory. We're here for fun, not work. Wink

May the floor be with you...

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