Characters development.

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Characters development.

Post by Odianark on Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:48 pm

So recently I've been doing a lot of reading about character development. I'm trying to get the most out of Odianark and my other characters. After our miserable losses during hard mode flash points, I thought there has to be more to this.
So looking at some of the build guides on you can get far more from your character. One spec that everyone agrees on in these guides is the accuracy spec.
Personally my characters have no accuracy at all. This is something I will be rectifying soon. Augments seem to be the best unless you want to get the gear. Basically 110 accuracy will improve you healing and attacks massively.
Another thing that will improve you is looking at the skill rotations that these guys have worked out. Something that I suffer from with all characters is running out of power wether it be force or trooper or even gaining too much heat on Yussiss. These rotations rectify this so much. I tried some of these on Jarrath last night and so far work well with this power consumption.
Thanx for reading and I hope you will get something out of these guides too!

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