So what is this guild all about?

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So what is this guild all about?

Post by Rauni/Ruumi on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:02 am

Just fun really.

We're newbie friendly, so we're good for a starting platform for newcomers. We can help them by answering any questions they wish to have answered, and help them if they're struggling, with such things as collecting better armour, or weapons, or defeating a particularly nasty boss.

We're non RP, we don't really have anything against roleplaying, but we just don't bother participating. We're in the game for fun, and RP just doesn't cut that in our regards. There's plenty of RP guilds around for people who want to RP, and for people who just want to play and laugh, there's us.

We don't take things too seriously. There's no guild meetings, no official ranks and missions, no official roles apart from leaders and brew crafters. Most of us work full time and have lives, so we can't spend every waking hour organising time for ops missions etc. But we will help out where possible.

We do a lot of warzoning, so anyone who wants to learn how warzones work should jump on board with a team.

Most of all, we are just here to have fun, so have fun! Very Happy

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